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3M Microfoam tape 2.5cm

7.69 EUR (6.06 EUR + VAT)

Latex free, highly conformable, hypoallergenic, elastic foam tape. Does not move around. Can be tailored to the required eyeshape. One roll is enough for about 40 lash pads, which makes it not only a very practical but also an economical solution.

Model: 4040001
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Cut the tape according to the width of the eye – make sure you leave space for your fingers- then cut it in the line of the eye curve.

Zsinett’s tip: It is important to use straight scissors so that you can shape the right curve....

Place it on the lower waterline and gently stick it to the skin as the last movement.
When removing, always gently hold the sensitive skin under the eyes with your finger.
Like all patches, it is important to keep it in a closed place. As the sides are sticky, it can easily collect any dirt that can lead to infection. It must always be clean and hygienic.
Always keep it in its package!

Zsinett’s Tip:
In case of extra dry skin, the skin may require pre-lubrication on the covered surface, which will make the removal of the patch easier.
Apply argan oil onto a lint-free applicator and spread over the entire area of the skin where you will apply the tape. When done, wipe the skin with your finger until it's just slightly shiny. Be careful the oil does not to touch the lashes and do not leave much oil on the skin, as the tape may move or the oil may get into the eye that may cause tearing.



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Nagyon könnyű vele dolgozni, nem csúszik el, és fájdalom mentes , ha leszedem.tökéletes :)
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Bármilyen szemformához tökéletes illeszkedik,nagyon jól tapad,gazdaságos.
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Nem csúszik el, nem csípi a vendégek szemét.

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