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Organizer box for 10 lash palettes "Lashes"

48.62 EUR (38.28 EUR + VAT)

Acrylic organizer box for storing a maximum of 10 lash pallets.
Without lash palette.

Box size: 20cm * 10cm * 15cm

Benefits of the lash box:
• Dust-free closure
• The lash palettes can be placed at a sufficient distance from each other so that the lashes will not be damaged or deformed
• Eyelashes attached to the lash palettes will find a permanent location
• Hygienic and aesthetic storage method
• The lash strips are only needed to be removed from the palette when the strips completely run out of lashes
• It is easy to follow the actual size used during the application process
• The jade stone has a non-slippery place on the lash palette

Your eyelashes can now be stored easily, in your own system, in a hygienic and aesthetic way.
 Eyelashes placed on the lash palettes, and the lash palettes in the lash box are easy to handle.
 To make your work easier, we also created space for your jade stone, so it's all in one place for quick and easy workflow.
 The size of a larger version (not double) available in our webshop is compatible with the lash box :)

Model: 4050051
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