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About us

About us

My name is Zsinett Nagy,
I’m an Master Lash Stylist, trainer / coach, judge.

Products on this page have one thing in common. I used them and / or I still use them, and I'm happy and satisfied with them. On this page, I and my small team made it very convenient for you to get them as well.

I believe that our work must always be precise and flawless, keeping the protection of the natural lashes in mind. I believe that this is a luxury service, and as such our clients must in every case get the best possible service. I believe that our products, our quality of service, our salon appearance all represents who we are. I believe that the mixture of our personality and the quality of service we offer can be the difference between success and failure.

With the products on this page I would like to encourage you to work well, better and even better. Furthermore, I would like to encourage you to appreciate your clients, love your profession and provide the kind of service and environment to all your guest that you would also be happy with

The products that are new to you, and may be afraid of them, if can try them, you may find that they will change your life. Why is it so important, what other people think? Believe me, if something is good or bad for somebody else, it does not mean that they will mean the same to you.

Simply let yourself get more and more experience, be open to new approaches! Maybe my favourite glue will not become your favourite ... but maybe my little webshop can provide you with another product which will make your service even more luxurious and you, yourself will understand why is it important to constantly try out new things and to never stop raising your service level year by year.

I wish you many-many beautiful eyelash extensions and lots of satisfied guests,