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Shine Deluxe 0.12 C 8mm

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29/11/2018 -
Model: 9050002
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As far as I’m concerned, my favourite sentence also applies to the material and tools you use:
‘Compared to what?’ ;)
We tend to believe that we use the best products … of all the products we know... I met the SHINE DELUXE lashes nearly two years ago, after a long search ... prior to that I ordered from many companies, from many different countries… but it was constant disappointment and the feeling, that I was missing something, made me not to give up.

It helps a lot if you know what you are looking for ...
There can be a lot of problems with the eyelashes, which have a negative effect on the technician more than the actual client. A technical problem can, many times, occur because of the wrong choice of material and not because of the lack of technical skills.

Up until now, I only shared my source of supply with my training students, because they were the ones who also wished to develop!

As of today, however, I can bring the best material to everyone, following an exclusive agreement I managed to sign recently.

Shine DeLuxe lashes represent REAL QUALITY, which makes your work easier all the way from the pickup to building the frame line.

This is the first eyelash extension product which I give my name to as a quality trademark, since everything around me has to be of the best quality whether it’s a product or a service, and the best quality of service starts with using the best possible eyelash extensions.

So, as of today, Zsinett Lashes WebShop is proud to present the

S H I N E  D E L U X E

lashes, which are available in the Zsinett Lashes Webshop as of now in a constantly expanding variety.


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